Cycling the Erie Canal 2016

SUMMARY, MILEAGE STATS, TENT CITIES, and FOOD are located on the 2016 Erie Canal page.
LOOKING BACK AND FORWARD, WEATHER REPORT, and MY SHOES are located on this web page.


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2016 Erie Canal Ride Summary
All Bike Rides
Looking Back Location Day Date Time Looking Forward
Middleport NY - PM Rest Stop 1 Sun. July 10 3:28 pm
At Waterfall After Leaving Medina NY 2 Mon. July 11 7:12 am
Albion NY - Rest Stop 2 Mon. July 11 8:20 am
Rochester NY, Genesee Valley Park - PM Rest Stop 2 Mon. July 11 1:45 pm
Palmyra NY - AM Rest Stop 3 Tue. July 12 9:05 am
Camillus NY - PM Rest Stop 4 Wed. July 13 12:38 pm
Rome NY, Lock 21 - PM Rest Stop 5 Thur. July 14 12:42 pm
NY-5S East Between Ilion and Little Falls 6 Fri. July 15 11:31 am
Mohawk River After Leaving Niskayuna NY 8 Sun. July 17 7:38 am
Approaching Albany NY 8 Sun. July 17 10:49 am

Weather Report

Day Date Weather Cleanup and Cool Off
0 Sat July 9 Good driving up. Getting cloudy at dinner.
Rain during Opening Meeting.
Light rain that evening and overnight.
1 Sun July 10 Overcast before breakfast.
Sunny as we headed out of Buffalo.
Cleared to sunny and windy.
Indoor Pool
Clifford Wise Middle School
2 Mon July 11 Sunny and warm. Genesee Valley outdoor pool during ride.
Showered in trailer truck after ride.
3 Tue July 12 Sunny and warmer. Shuttle to Seneca Falls outdoor pool.
4 Wed July 13 Sunny and Hot! 95-97°
It rained at dinner time in the Zoo. We ate inside. Light sprinkle after dinner.
Burnett Park outdoor pool.
Misting spot along Zoo walkway.
5 Thur July 14 It rained on us while biking from Noon until our 2:00 arrival in Rome.
It was steady for about an hour, lighter at the end.
Then sun came out and it was hot.
At times in the evening, dark clouds (at 3:53pm) with thunder and lightning would blow through. Then it would clear up (at 6:29pm), and sun was hot.
We went through this cycle a few times, then it rained overnight.
Showered in trailer truck.
6 Fri July 15 Soggy spots on trail. Puddles of white water.
Sunny and warm.
Rain and wind arrived at dinner time. We ate inside the Museum. It cleared up after.
The sun was shining in our eyes at the concert.
Showered in School locker room.
7 Sat July 16 Sunny and warm. 82°
It was raining at 10:00 pm. Time to go to sleep.
JCC outdoor pool.
8 Sun July 17 Awoke at 5:00am to thunder, very close flashes of lightning, and a heavy downpour.
At 6:00, it eased up. Campground was a soggy, muddy swamp.
At 6:30, the sun was coming out.
At 7:30, it was still overcast at times.
It cleared up for the day. The sun was shining on my bike at the Finish Line.
It was a long day of riding: Bike, Bus, and Car.
No cleanup.
9 Mon July 18 It was getting cloudy during our Cornell Campus tour.
While driving back home, after a stop in Horseheads, there was some on and off rain.
Not real bad. Sunny when we got home.
Fireside Dr outdoor pool.

My Shoes

I wore my normal biking shoes from Sunday through Thursday. That's when it rained on us.

After those shoes got wet on Thursday,
I set them out to dry in the sun that Thursday afternoon. They got rained on that evening.
I set them out again Friday afternoon, before we went to dinner. They got rained on again.
I set them out Saturday afternoon, but took them in before it rained at night.
On Sunday, those shoes were still soaked through.

I used some old backup shoes for biking on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

They got a little wet, while walking through the swamp Sunday morning.

Here they are at the Finish Line on Sunday in Albany.


Photos taken by George, Liz, and Jim