Cycling the Erie Canal 2015

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Where in the World is George and His Bike?

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Erie Canal Ride Summary
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George was usually behind the camera, but I located these.
Click on each thumbnail to reveal the location.
(Some are obvious, some are hard to find.)



His Bike

Saturday, July 11   Saturday, July 11
Monday, July 13   Sunday, July 12
Tuesday, July 14   Tuesday, July 14
Wednesday, July 15   Wednesday, July 15
Friday, July 17   Friday, July 17
Saturday, July 18   Saturday, July 18
Sunday, July 19    
Mohawk River New Bike for 2015
Giant AnyRoad 2

27-Speed Hybrid with Disc Brakes front and back.


Photos taken by George, Liz, and Jim
Drone view from Call of the Loon Productions