Cycling the Erie Canal 2015

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Erie Canal Ride Summary
All Bike Rides
Date Town   Event
July 12 Lockport, NY Boat Ride through Locks 34 and 35
View of Entering Locks. View of Lower Gates closing. Video (0:23) of Center Gates closing.
July 13 Medina, NY The Medina Culvert Road travels under the Erie Canal
View of Road. View of Canal above. View of Historic Marker.
July 13 Holley, NY Golf Cart trip to Waterfall
Liz borrowed the Golf Cart, and we picked up 2 passengers on the way down in this Video (2:19). At the Falls Video (0:27). View of loading the passengers for our ride back up to the rest stop.
July 13 Rochester, NY Tour through downtown Rochester to see falls
View of Little Falls. Video (0:15) of Big Falls and our group.
Broad Street is built over the old Erie Canal Aquaduct. View to the Left. View to the Right.
July 15 Camillus, NY Boat ride to Aquaduct
View from the Aquaduct passing over a stream. View of Bikers on the trail. View of us near the back of the boat.
July 15 Syracuse, NY Burnet Park Zoo
Video (0:27) showing Baby Elephant. View of Tigers. Video (0:20) of Penguins swimming around.
July 16 Rome, NY Fort Stanwix
The Visitor Center and a Tour of the Fort were kept open for us.
View of entrance to the Drawbridge. View from outside the Fortified Wall. View from Inside the Wall. Our view of the Courtyard and barracks. View from drone.
July 17 Utica, NY Visited the Saranac Brewery in Utica
George had a Pint and some pretzels. And we saw this guy at many of our stops.
July 17 Little Falls, NY General Herkimer Homestead
View of Cemetery. View of Historical Marker.
July 20 Niagara, Canada Niagara Falls
Video (0:16) of Falls. View of the Falls with Mist Cloud. View of Canadian side. View of American side.


Photos taken by George and Liz
Drone view from Call of the Loon Productions